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Are you appearing for CLAT 2023 and bursting your veins over the advancement of the exam to December 2022? Do not fret or fear, you are neither alone or in a tight spot! Here let us do some myth busting!

1. Cannot complete CLAT portions by December!

But CLAT does not have a syllabus! CLAT is an aptitude test that has only a pattern and no syllabus. As long as your reading speed, comprehension skills are good, you are saved

2. I cannot manage board exams and CLAT!

Lucikly CLAT will be over and done with 3 months before boards. Be done and dusted with CLAT and focus only on your models and boards.

3. But, I don’t have the time to study for CLAT!

Apart from the time you spend in the entrance coaching class, make time only to attempt mock test regularly. Review, clear doubts and move on!

4. It is better to skip CLAT 2023 and drop a year!

Your drop year will be more fruitful if you give an honest, sincere first attempt before taking the a year off. You will understand your strengths and weaknesses more clearly and can start working on the right track straight away as opposed to spending months figuring things out! And who knows, you may clear in the first attempt itself!

Stay happy, stay focused.


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