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CLAT in the time of Corona

The past year has been unpredictable in so many ways. With a general sense of anxiety and stress in the air, life as we know it has made a 360-degree turn. One such major shift we saw this year was the shift of normal academic schedules.

From attending virtual online classes to dealing with the innumerable rescheduling of exams, students have seen it all. In such a scenario, we are here to help you navigate through CLAT preparation online. Common Law Admission Test, or CLAT as it’s popularly known, is a competitive exam that is conducted yearly. This academic year, the CLAT exam is scheduled to happen on 13/06/21, as of now.

With only a couple of months in hand, CLAT 2021 is closer than you think. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to prepare for CLAT 2021, don’t fret. With the right approach to learning from home, the CLAT 2021 exam is yours to nail.

Here are some tips to ace CLAT preparation online:

  1. Read, read and read: Never underestimate the power of reading. If you’re a new reader, you could stick to fiction. But, if you’re a seasoned reader, pick up those non-fiction books and get reading. The CLAT syllabus 2021 focuses on testing your reading and comprehension skills, regardless of the subject. So, reading books of any kind always helps. Pro tip - read for two-hour stretches without breaks.

  2. A newspaper (or two) a day: A newspaper is a holy grail of information that will really make a difference in CLAT preparation. Reading editorials of leading newspapers such as The Hindu and Indian Express adds immensely to CLAT preparation. From improving your comprehension skills to bringing about general awareness, a newspaper is the most underrated tool to excelling CLAT preparation online.

  3. Join a crash course: Joining a crash course for CLAT 2021 is probably your best bet to performing well. By including a capsule format to learning, you will have access to CLAT sample papers 2021 and CLAT 2021 mock tests. With online classes, doubt clearing sessions, and proper practice methodologies, you will have proper guidance to understanding and learning the CLAT syllabus for 2021.

  4. Practice makes perfect: While studying is essential on one hand, practice is equally important. Understanding how to go about the exam format and learning the strategies on how to attempt it is important. By practicing with CLAT 2021 mock tests and CLAT previous year question banks, you will be equipped to handle the exam format, when the time comes. Continuous practice makes a world of a difference.

  5. Seek help from a mentor: When you join a crash course for CLAT 2021, you will automatically have someone guiding you. At this crucial point, as we move closer to the exam, it is always best if you have someone to mentor you and help you navigate through the overwhelming process of studying during a pandemic. From helping in your CLAT preparation online to addressing your doubts, a mentor can be your problem-solver, helper, and cheerleader.

With this, we hope that you’ve gotten a better idea as to how you can tackle CLAT in the time of corona. The CLAT syllabus for 2021 is an easily achievable goal if you’re willing to put in the time, practice, and of course, commit to it, and join a crash course. CLAT is yours to ace, with the right steps. All the best!


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Asad MG Edinso
Asad MG Edinso
Feb 21, 2022

As you know due to this pandemic studies got affected the most but now there is a change to prepare for CLAT by sitting at your home and clear what ever exam you like to know more Go to Manu law classes

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