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I am a Lawyer!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

We have been getting a lot of queries, regarding the scope of Law as a profession. So we are starting this series called I am a Lawyer! to highlight the amazing opportunities and avenues out there for students aspiring to peruse the legal profession. To start with we are listing down some of the amazing workhat Lawyers do everyday!1. Litigate in a Court 2. Be a part of the Judiciary 3. An Associate in a Law Firm 4. Legal Advisor in a Company 5. Teaching 6. Rights Activist 7. Public Policy and Research 8. Legal Journalism 9. Legal Consultant 10. N.G.O. Work 11. Alternate Dispute Resolution 12. Civil Services and other Government jobs Did you know that, from all the National Law Universities put together, only 2000 lawyers graduate every year. But that is just the cream of the crop. India has over 900 Law Colleges and around 60000 law students pass out every year. But a vast majority of those passing out continue to focus purely on Litigation. From the above list, it is clear that the legal profession is more than just what you see in the movies and American Legal dramas. The legal profession plays an extremely important role in supporting India’s growth story. This essentially means that there is an incredible opportunity for aspiring Lawyers! Follow this series and find out what opportunities await you!


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