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Holy Commandments for CLAT Preparation

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Being a little nervous about the CLAT is normal. Reduce your anxiety by approaching the test with a solid plan and execute on that plan. Get the most out of practice tests and resources, understand how you learn, and stay positive throughout the process. Just remind yourself that you have what it takes!

1. Reading:

Read for 2 continuous hours a day. Reading content can be fiction, non fiction, essays and articles. Treat this as non-negotiable.

2. Study Plan:

Have a robust study plan. This helps to stay on track week to week, and that consistency translates into progress as you work through the material.

3.Editorial Analysis:

Besides improving your general awareness, these articles will aid you in maintaining focus over a long time, which is a good practice for reading comprehension. Reading editorials will help you to have a broader perspective and look at issues from different angles, thus developing your evaluation ability. Moreover, because of the various tones used by the authors, reading editorials will also prove helpful in cracking questions related to passages, which are tone-specific.

4. Mock test Strategy:

Always stick to one consistent strategy for the order and time taken for each section in the tests. This can be a time tested one suggested by your mentors or a personalised one your mentors develop for you based on your strengths and weaknesses,

5. Review:

Review each mock test question by question. You should view the answer key and justify the answers on your own in the first round of review, and then read the explanations and understand them in the second round of review.

Remember that you are ‘LEARNING’ for CLAT and not ‘ STUDYING’!


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Aman deep
Aman deep
Mar 26, 2022

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Aman deep
Aman deep
Feb 21, 2022

This was a good information but without a good course you cannot prepare for the CLAT exam that's why we have created some good CLAT/AILET courses for you so you can prepare yourself for this competitive exam.

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