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CLAT Preparation, is it the right option for you?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Common Law Admission Test or CLAT as it is popularly known is a national level entrance exam for twenty-two National Law Universities in India. Being a highly competitive exam, this offline test is a gateway to pursuing a fruitful career in the field of law.

Open to Indian nationals and NRI’s, this law entrance exam is stirring up a storm with its immense opportunities, with every passing year. CLAT preparation is unlike any other competitive exam. Leaning towards the side of your average aptitude test, understanding if CLAT suits you is vital, before taking the test. For all those of you, who are scratching your heads wondering if CLAT is the right path for you, look no further. We are here to guide you through the process of how CLAT preparation works.

What are the essential skills needed for CLAT preparation and clearing CLAT?

In terms of CLAT preparation, self-motivation and an open mind are absolutely crucial. General awareness and an inquisitive mind go a long way in nailing CLAT preparation. To top it off, if reading, comprehension, and interest in research is your cup of tea, it is a huge bonus. This law entrance exam doesn’t focus on mindlessly mugging up content; instead, it urges to get your analytical juices flowing.

How hard is it to clear CLAT?

CLAT is surely not difficult to clear. With some discipline and dedication, CLAT preparation is absolutely trouble-free. Students who can break-free away from the typical norms of studying, and can embrace unconventional methods of learning such as exploring and investigating have an upper hand. The only challenging element when it comes to CLAT is the fact that competition is high due to limited seats.

Can any student clear CLAT?

Absolutely yes, an average student can definitely clear CLAT with flying colors. Because there is no ‘actual studying’ involved and since CLAT preparation is based on honing certain skills, CLAT is for everyone and anyone.

Where else does CLAT preparation come in handy?

All other law entrance exams thrive on a similar format. Even if the format is different, the basic content that you will be exposed to while preparing for CLAT stands relevant for various exams and aptitude tests. CLAT preparation will aid in the entrance exams for IITHSE, IHM, NIFT, and various other arts, humanities, and vocational entrance exams. Hence, it really expands your horizon in terms of college options.

With this, a basic outline of CLAT preparation is brought to light. All you need to bring to the table is some discipline, an open mind, and the zest to learn. Based on if CLAT preparation matches your skillset, you can pursue it, or not.

Do you have any other concerns about CLAT being the right option for you? Leave your queries in the comments section below and our experts will give you the clarity that you need, at the earliest!


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