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How does Heritage Online Work?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Our online platform is a website that helps students prepare for the Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT), which is an aptitude test for selecting candidates into one of 16 National Law Universities in India.

It is your goto site for cracking CLAT because of our well curated content and unique study model. Our Test based study model ensures that you prepare for CLAT by attempting CLAT level questions in English, Math, G.K. Legal and Logic. Most of our questions are accompanied by quality explanations ensuring that you not only know what the right answer is, but you also understand why.

Every question is timed, and you are constantly working against the clock when prepping online. In the beginning, you may not even have time to read through a question or select the right option. But, with practice, you will get trained to read, interpret, and answer faster.

Visit your progress page to keep tabs on your performance. Our progress page gives you information like how many questions you have attempted so far, what is your last 30 days accuracy and what is the average time is takes you to answer a question. With this information you can:

Identify Strong and Weak AreasPlan your Next Study SessionCompare your performance against your friends and online toppers

Finally, we supplement your regular practice sessions online by offering regular quizzes and mock tests. This will help you in:

  • Assessing yourself against other online users

  • Experience the rigors of attempting a computer based examinationPractice test taking strategies so you are confident.

So, what are you waiting for! Sign-up to use our online app and take control of your future.


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