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Why should you write the NTSE exam?

Here are some reasons why! :)

First things first, NTSE is a national talent search exam that is conducted in India annually. Conducted by the NCERT, this competitive exam helps in identifying students with high skills and intellect. Being a scholarship exam, every student who performs well in the NTSE exam has a lot to gain.

Particularly for children who want to pursue a sound higher education in Science and Social Studies, the NTSE exam is divided into two stages. One can proceed to the 2nd stage of the exam, only if he/she clears the first one.

The application process for the NTSE exam is relatively simple and you can find the procedure on the official website of the NTSE. Being an NTSE scholar comes with many possibilities and perks that play a vital role in enriching the education of students. By offering scholarships for over 1000 students, the national talent search exam is like no other exam in the country.

Here are some reasons as to why it is an ideal option for bright students to pursue.

  • Adds value to the CV: A solid CV is one that includes achievements of a student from his/her schooling days, as opposed to just career-related achievements. The CV of an NTSE scholar shows consistency from a young age, which adds plenty of value.

  • Scholarship of Rs.500 a year: Once a student clears the NTSE exam, they become eligible to avail an add-on scholarship of Rs.500 a year from the central government. This plays a minor role in enhancing the education of the student.

  • Preference for higher education: If a student is applying for scholarships abroad, having an NTSE exam scholarship plays a crucial role in attaining yet another scholarship. This is due to the fact that universities know and regard the skills and intellect the students might posses, if he/she has cleared the NTSE exam.

  • NTSE helps in grooming students: Exposure to a talent search exam like the NTSE exam gives the students some skills to take on other competitive exams. It can help them in analyzing their strong and weak points while writing an exam and can help them work on exams such as JEE and CLAT.

  • Preferred by colleges: Many colleges in India have some seats reserved for students who have cracked the NTSE exam. Exposure to NTSE exams also makes it simple to crack the entrance tests to many prestigious colleges.

  • Attaining jobs: Many jobs prefer candidates who have cleared the NTSE exam. This is the case with government jobs as well, especially while giving interviews for civil services jobs such as IPS, IFS, IRS, or IAS.

  • Benefits with the NDA: When NDA selections happen, students who have cracked the NTSE exam are given preference. Being a feather on their cap, NDA selections take this factor into account.

Although these are some of the key advantages of clearing the NTSE exam, the benefits are many-fold. From a discount in the JEE coaching fees to increasing eligibility for the SHE scholarship, there are many other perks that come with it.

From an exciting and enriching preparation journey to enjoying advantages, clearing the NTSE exam does wonders in shaping a student and adding value to his/her CV.

Want to know more on the NTSE exam, its syllabus, and the process? Hit us up by commenting below, or shoot a mail out to us at Our educational experts will get back to you on the same, at the earliest!


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